The Installation Process

Electric Gate Installation London

The installation of electric gates is like any other project that involves practical work and must be carried out efficiently and in correct stages:

  1. FREE Quotation & Survey
    Country Gates will visit your property to assess your requirements. We can utilise our vast experience to help make recommendations for the most appropriate security or gateway solution for YOU! We will then provide a full no-obligation written quotation.
  2. Site Preparation &
        Electrical Supply
    Usually takes 2-3 Working Days, depending on the distance to the gateway from your house, and the type of gate pillars you require. Sliding gates may also require more preparation work in the early stages.
  3. Gate Fabrication & Interim Gap
    Recommended 10 Day interim break to allow for hardening off period. During this time P & R Fabrications will fabricate the gates to your exact requirements.
  4. Installation & Commission
    Usually 2-3 Working Days, to deliver the gates to your property, install them and then commission the automation system. Your gates will be stringently tested to conform with the UK Building Regulations and all European Safety Standards. Installation times can vary depending on the complexity of access control systems.
Be sure to get hold of your installer EARLY!
Without careful planning the installation of electric gates can cause a lot of unnessesary headaches! The last thing you need is to have to dig up your newly paved driveway in order to run an electrical cable to your gateway!

Service & Maintenance

From satisfactory completion of our installations we offer a 12 month guarantee which fully includes parts and labour.

After this 12 month guarantee period expires we offer two very competitively priced service schemes.

Gold Service SchemeSilver Service Scheme

Click the images above to find out more about our service schemes...

Full 3 Year Warranty! - Parts only

CAME United Kingdom operate a highly successful three year warranty policy.

With CAME's worldwide returns figures proven to be less than 1%, no other manufacturer of gate automation and barrier products has this commitment to their product reliability.

It is because of this quality and reliability that Country Gates will only fit CAME automation systems to our gate installations.

CAME 3 year warranty